prof. dr hab. Leszek Berezowski

prof. dr hab. Leszek Berezowski
Position full professor
Department Department of Translation Studies
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My earliest interests were in geography but in secondary school my fascination with faraway countries slowly gave way to English and shortly before graduation I finally decided that I would not become a geologist or geographer but a linguist. During my freshman year I was captivated by the quirks of English article usage and translation and these two areas have remained in the forefront of may interests ever since. When my wife talked me into writing a Ph.D. dissertation in 1994, I focused my project on translation theory as I did with my M.A. thesis four years earlier, while my postdoctoral dissertation successfully defended in 2002 developed a theory of  English article use with proper names, and my later books also inquired into either of these two topics.

At first I studied (1984 – 1990) and worked (1989 – 1995) at Silesian University (Uniwersytet Śląski) in Katowice, but in 1995 I moved to Wrocław University. During my time in Wrocław University English Department I have had the pleasure to launch Wroclaw University Postgraduate School of Business Translation (1998), teach a year as a visiting professor at Central Michigan University, USA (1999-2000), serve as department deputy chair (1998-1999) and then as chair for three consecutive terms of office (2002-2005, 2005-2008 and 2008-2012).

In 2010 I was awarded the degree of state professor, the highest Polish academic degree granted by the president of Poland. Two years later I was promoted to full professor and elected associate dean of the Faculty of Letters of Wrocław University. I served in that capacity for two terms of office until 2020.  

Besides English articles and translation I also enjoy skiing, nature and music.


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