dr Maciej Litwin

dr Maciej Litwin
Department Department of Translation Studies
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Maciej Litwin joined the faculty in March 2015. Prior to this, he was the head of University Relations at Wrocław City Hall (managerial capacity; 2008-2016) and the co-founder of Wrocław Academic Hub (municipal university-business-government platform est. 2008). He designed the municipal university-business scheme "Mozart". Between 2011-2013 he was the regional co-ordinator for the OECD Review of Higher Education in Regional and City Development in Wrocław. In the years 2010-2018 he sat on the Mayor of Wrocław's advisory panel for education. After completing his PhD in linguistics under the supervision of prof. Marek Kuźniak (2014) he moved to academia. His academic interests focus on the cognitive linguistics interpretation of classic problems of philosophy and ontology (e.g. being and becoming; the nature of language). He undertakes to look into these issues based on language material in the context of translation (cf. equivalence, correspondence). His book "Time, Being and Becoming: Cognitive Models of Innovation and Creation in English" was published in 2015 by Peter Lang Verlag.

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