Wykład Prof. W. Z. van den Doel


Polish and Dutch attitudes to English accents compared

Both in Poland and the Netherlands, there has traditionally been a great deal of appreciation for native-speaker models of English, notably British English. Based on a survey of pronunciation preferences, judges from these countries appear to attach considerable importance to native-speaker models – at least more than native speakers do. What is interesting, however, is that judges from Poland and Holland differ in the degree to which they appreciate the non-native speaker accents produced by their compatriots. Why is it that Polish judges appear to be more tolerant of Polish speakers of English than Dutch judges are of Dutch English? In this presentation, we will be exploring this issue and seek to find answers by means of audience involvement.

European English pre- and post-Brexit

Over the last decades, English has become the default language for intra-European communication, aided by the opportunities afforded by cooperation and free movement within the EU. Given its membership of the EU, British English has long been an important model for non-native speakers; disproportionately so, adherents of alternative models – such as American or European English – would claim. It has also been argued that, if and when Brexit takes place, a British model of English would lose its remaining relevance and prestige for many European users, who will increasingly resort to other models. This presentation will discuss the likelihood of the emergence of a common European English after Brexit, based on pre-Brexit data. These and other “meaningful” post-Brexit alternatives for English in Europe will be presented to participants as stakeholders in this long overdue discussion. 

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American English Culture - wykład


W najbliższy poniedziałek (25.03) o godz. 11.30 w s. 208 odbędzie się wykład Cheyne'a Kirkpatricka na temat "American English Culture" połączony z króką prezentacją jego uczelni - University of Denver.

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Wykład prof. Elżbiety Mańczak-Wohlfeld


We wtorek 26 marca o godz. 11:30 odbędzie się w s. 208 wykład wybitnej językoznawczyni prof. dr hab. Elżbiety Mańczak-Wohlfeld z Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego. Tytuł wykładu: Wpływ angielszczyzny na języki europejskie i nieeuropejskie w kontekście projektu "GLAD" (Global Anglicism Database).


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