GLiW Previously Published Volumes

1/ Generative Linguistics in Wrocław No. 1

Magda Rościńska-Frankowska, On the Derivation of Causative and Inchoative Verb Forms in Polish, in Comparison with English and Other Languages, Wrocław 2012
[ISBN: 978-83-932687-0-2]
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2/ Generative Linguistics in Wrocław No. 2

Joanna Błaszczak, Bożena Rozwadowska, and Wojciech Witkowski (eds.), Current Issues in Generative Linguistics: Syntax, Semantics and Phonology, Wrocław 2012
[ISBN 978-83-932687-1-9]
[ISSN 2084-5723]
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3/ Gen­er­a­tive Lin­guis­tics in Wrocław No. 3

Olga Ste­ri­opolo, The Syn­tax of Expres­sive Suf­fixes in Russ­ian, Wrocław 2014
[ISBN 978–83–932687–2–6]
[ISSN 2084–5723]
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4/ Gen­er­a­tive Lin­guis­tics in Wrocław No. 4

Marta Ślęzak, Processing Ambiguous English Sentences by Native English Speakers and Bilingual Speakers of Polish and English, Wrocław 2015
[ISBN 978–83–932687–3–3]
[ISSN 2084–5723]
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5/ Generative Linguistics in Wrocław No. 5

Hanna Kędzierska, The Role of Context in the Processing of Idioms: An Experimental Study, Wrocław 2018
[ISBN 978–83–932687–4–0]
[ISSN 2084–5723]
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