Psycholinguistic investigations into number and quantification in natural language 

The Research Group OPUS/NCN work­ing at the Cen­ter for Exper­i­men­tal Research on Nat­ur­al Lan­guage at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Wro­claw in Poland (
( is pleased to announce that the inter­na­tion­al con­fer­ence on

Psy­cholin­guis­tic inves­ti­ga­tions into num­ber and quan­tifi­ca­tion in nat­ur­al lan­guage

will be held at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Wro­claw in August 29–30, 2016.

Meet­ing descrip­tion

The over­ar­ch­ing goal of this inter­na­tion­al con­fer­ence is to cre­ate a forum for dis­cus­sion for schol­ars inter­est­ed in var­i­ous aspects of the pro­cess­ing num­ber and quan­tifi­ca­tion in nat­ur­al lan­guages, in par­tic­u­lar relat­ed to the fol­low­ing research ques­tions:

(i) num­ber inter­pre­ta­tion of nouns and verbs based on mor­phol­o­gy, con­text and lex­i­cal seman­tics,

(ii) the inter­pre­ta­tion of imper­fec­tive aspect with a spe­cial focus on the com­po­si­tion of its iter­a­tive (plur­al) and pro­gres­sive (sin­gle-event) read­ings,

(iii) the men­tal rep­re­sen­ta­tion of lex­i­cal prop­er­ties of quan­ti­fi­er terms.
We are main­ly inter­est­ed in exper­i­men­tal research but stud­ies aim­ing at empir­i­cal ver­i­fi­ca­tion of the­o­ret­i­cal mod­els will also be tak­en into con­sid­er­a­tion.

Con­firmed speak­ers (in alpha­bet­i­cal order):

Oliv­er Bott (Uni­ver­si­ty of Tübin­gen)
Judith Degen (Stan­ford Uni­ver­si­ty)
Sil­via P. Gen­nari (Uni­ver­si­ty of York)
Yosef Grodzin­sky (The Hebrew Uni­ver­si­ty of Jerusalem)
Alex­is Well­wood (North­west­ern Uni­ver­si­ty)
Ming Xiang (Uni­ver­si­ty of Chica­go)

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GLiP 2011
“Gen­er­a­tive Lin­guis­tics in Poland” (GLiP) is a series of con­fer­ences on var­i­ous aspects of gen­er­a­tive lin­guis­tics, cre­at­ed and organ­ised by Piotr Bańs­ki (Uni­ver­si­ty of War­saw) and Adam Przepiórkows­ki (Insti­tute of Com­put­er Sci­ence, Pol­ish Acad­e­my of Sci­ences).
This year’s edi­tion of GLiP was host­ed at the Insti­tute of Eng­lish Stud­ies, Uni­ver­si­ty of Wrocław, by the Cen­tre of Gen­er­al and Com­par­a­tive Lin­guis­tics from 2nd to 4th Decem­ber.
We would like to thank all the par­tic­i­pants for their pre­sen­ta­tions and inter­est­ing con­tri­bu­tions and wish you all a Mer­ry Christ­mas and a Hap­py New Year.

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