Partner hotel

*** HOTEL TUMSKI, Wyspa Słodowa Street no. 10

Hotel Tumski has special rates for the workshop participants, PLN 200/night for a single room, PLN 300/night for a double room. (The rates include breakfasts.) To book a room with these rates, fill in the form:


and e-mail it to or fax it at +48 71 322 61 13.
The rooms will be available for booking at these rates until December 24, 2012.

Other hotels located near the conference venue

Click here to see the conference venue, hotels, tram stops in the area, the railway station, etc. in a larger map.

The listing below begins with hotels located within walking distance from the conference site and concludes with the ones further away:

***HOTEL LOTHUS, Wita Stwosza Street no. 22/23

**HOTEL CAMPANILE, Jagiełły Street no. 7

*** Best Western Prima Hotel, Kiełbaœnicza Street no. 16-19

*** Mercure Wrocław Panorama, Dominikański Square no. 1

***** Radisson Blu Hotel Wrocław, Purkyniego Street no. 10

*** Art Hotel, Kiełbaœnicza Street no. 20

**** Sofitel Wrocław Old Town, Œw. Mikołaja Street no. 67

*** Qubus Hotel Wrocław, Œw. Marii Magdaleny Street no. 2

**** Hotel im. Jana Pawła II, ul. Œw. Idziego Street no. 2

*** Centrum Dikul Hotel, Cieszyńskiego 17-19

*** Hotel HP Park Plaza Wrocław, ul. Drobnera Street no. 11/13

** Hotel Monopol, Modrzejewskiej Street no. 2

*** Europeum Hotel, Kazimierza Wielkiego Street no. 27a

The hotels listed below are located more than 1 kilometer away from the conference site

*** Scandic Wrocław, Piłsudskiego Street no. 49/57, 1.4 km away

*** Holiday Inn Wrocław, Piłsudskiego Street no. 49/57, 1.4 km away

*** Polonia, Street no. 66, 1.5 km away

*** Silfor Premium Europejski Hotel, Piłsudskiego Street no. 88, 1.5 km away

**** Orbis Wrocław, Powstanców Œlšskich Street no. 7, 1.7 km away

*** Days Hotel, Kromera Avenue no.16, 3.3 km away

** Hotel Wieniawa, Gajowicka Street no. 130, 3.5 km away

*** Hotel Vega, Grabiszyńska Street no. 251, 4.3 km away

* Dom Snookera, Szpacza Street no. 18, 5 km away

*** Hotel Diament, Muchoborska Street no. 10, 5.2 km away

*** Novotel, Wyœcigowa Street no. 35, 5.4 km away

*** Hotel Bacero, Ołtaszyńska Street no. 107, 5.4 km away

Use or similar websites to find the best rates.


There are a lot of hostels in Wrocław which offer beds in dormitories at very low rates. To book a youth hostel, go to this website.

The following hostels are the closest to the conference venue:
1. Kolor Hostel, KuŸnicza Street no. 56/5.
2. Nathan’s Villa Hostel, Œwidnicka Street no. 13
3. Centrum Hostel, Œwiętego Mikołaja Street no. 16/17
4. Cinema Hostel, Kazimierza Wielkiego Street no. 15
5. Cinnamon Hostel Kazimierza Wielkiego Street no. 67