Dr Patrycja Jabłońska

Patrycja JabłońskaJablonska
Assistant Professor

Office: IFA, room 5
Phone: +48 71 375 29 39
Email: patrjabl (_at_yahoo.com)

Academic degrees
• MA in English Linguistics, Wrocław University, 2000
• Ph.D. in Linguistics, Tromsoe University, 2007

Research interests
• Nanosyntax
• Morphology
• Neurolinguistics

• Proseminar on neurolinguistic evidence for category distinctions
• Contrastive Grammar
• Composition

To appear. Deriving the scale of finiteness from parasitic syncretism. In Tamm, A. (ed.), Special Issue on Finiteness of The Linguistic Review.
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2007. Radical decomposition and argument structure. PhD Dissertation, Tromsoe University.
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2003b. Quirky n-words in Polish: NPIs, Negative Quantifiers of neither? Nordlyd 31, 132-149.

Conference presentations
25/11/2009 Workshop on (Non)finiteness, University of Tallinn, Estonia.
„Deriving the scale of finiteness from parasitic syncretism”

06/12/2008  Formal Description of Slavic Languages, Independent University of Moscow, Russia.
„On the source of parochialism in Case Transmission”

16/10/2008 workshop Revisiting Parameters: Holmberg and Platzack (1995) Reloaded, Lunds Universitet, Sweden.
„On cross-linguistic differences in predicative agreement” (invited talk)

29/03/2008 Workhop on Scales in Linguistic Theory, Universität Leipzig, Germany.
„Silverstein’s Hierarchy and Polish argument structure” (invited talk)

03/02/2008 Workshop on Affix Ordering, International Morphology Meeting 13, Vienna University, Austria.
„Cross-linguistic problems with ordering passive morphology” (poster)

03/12/2007 Workshop on the Grammar of Temporal Relations, University of the Basque Country, Vitoria Gasteiz, Spain.
„Interaction of aspectual levels in Polish” (invited talk)

28/02/2005 Verb Workshop, Saarland University, Saarbrucken, Germany.
„The role of infectional morphology in syntactic parsing” (with Svetoslav Marinov)

5/11/2004 Argument Structure Workshop. Universitetet i Tromsoe, Norway.
„Causatives in Amharic”

19/05/2004 Poznań Linguistic Meeting, Uniwersytet Poznański.
„Conjugation classes and syntax-driven morphology”

26/02/2004 DGFS Workshop on Argument Realization, Mainz Universitat, Germany.
„Flavors of vebalizers and the syntax-morpholgy interface”

10/12/2002 Console XI, University of Padua, Italy.
„Out-of-control is nonbundling Voice”

12/01/2002 talk given at 19 Scandinavian Conference in Linguistics, Universitetet i Tromsoe, Norway.
„Quirky n-words in Polish: NPIs negative quantifiers or neither?”

09/12/2000 talk given at Generative Linguistics in Poland, Uniwersytet Warszawski.
„Transparency efects in Polish”

17/04/2000 PASE, Uniwersytet Gdański.
„Reinhart and Reulands’ Reflexivity as an alternative to the standard Binding Theory”

09.2002 – 12.2002 – Marie Curie Scholarship at the Linguistic Institute, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.