Call for Papers

International Conference

Theoretical and Analytical Multimodality Studies

University of Wrocław, Poland

December 9−10, 2021

The cross-fertilization of linguistics and the study of multimodal communication has now continued for half a century or so, integrating the interdependencies between verbal (speech) and nonverbal means of face-to-face communication (paralanguage; co-speech gestures, postures, and facial expressions), the complex relations between text and images in various cultural artefacts (advertisements, comics, films, etc.), and including explorations of multiple modalities in posters, textbooks, picture books, assembly instructions, information graphics, webpages, social media, computer and video games, radio and television broadcasts, corporate logos, graffiti, performance art, and even medieval textiles.

While linguistic theory has always informed, as well as benefitted from, research into multimodal communication, with systemic-functional linguistics and cognitive linguistics arguably providing the most widespread approaches to analysis of multimodal artefacts, multimodality studies has become an increasingly interdisciplinary field of research, interfacing more and more productively not only with linguistics, but also with semiotics, psychology, education, sociology, anthropology, media studies, comics studies, literary theory, film studies, gender studies, and translation studies.

This conference aims to explore the theoretical and analytical synergies emerging from combined application of techniques, approaches, theories, and methodologies originating from diverse disciplines in pursuit of increasingly more satisfying characterizations of the meaning-making processes involved in creation and interpretation of multimodal artefacts and their transformation across media. We invite a broad range of papers (theoretical discussions, case reports, experimental studies, text analyses, methodological explorations, etc.) that pertain, either more or less directly, to this topic.

This conference is planned as an online event. There is no conference fee. Proposals of about 300 words, together with a biographical note (100−150 words), should be sent to by August 31, 2021.


Organizing committee:

Michał Szawerna, Jacek Woźny (University of Wrocław)

Advisory committee:

Neil Cohn (Tilburg University)

Charles Forceville (University of Amsterdam)

Michał Garcarz (University of Wrocław)

Elżbieta Górska (University of Warsaw)

Marek Kuźniak (University of Wrocław)

Agnieszka Libura (University of Wrocław)

Stephan Packard (University of Cologne)

Michał Post (WSB University in Wrocław)

Elżbieta Tabakowska (Jagiellonian University)